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Royalty Services

We are experts in dealing with Recorded, Publishing or Distribution rights

Our royalty services are designed to either assist or take on the full responsibility of record labels, publishers and distributors accurately reporting royalties to their artists, songwriters, and other rightsholders.

Our experienced team has extensive knowledge of the music industry and the complex systems and processes involved in royalty accounting. And, of course, they're also Curve experts!


We work closely with our clients to identify areas where they can improve their accounting practices and provide them with customised solutions tailored to their specific needs. We help our clients build and maintain efficient, accurate, and transparent royalty accounting processes.

At every step of the way, we prioritise collaboration and communication, working closely with our clients to ensure they fully understand the solutions we either recommend or directly implement.

Services we can offer

Below is an example list of some of the services we can provide. Our goal is to make your business' processes a success. We will work with you to assess your needs and offer bespoke services to meet your reporting deadlines and workflows.


Inputting Your Agreements


Inputting Your Mechanical Licences


Catalogue Metadata Creation

We can input your agreements, either from a summary sheet or the original agreements. We handle complex royalties rates, cross-collateralising balances, recouping advances, etc.

We can handle the mechanical reporting to publishers and societies and subtract mechanical royalties from artists where required.

We ingest your data and map your income data, so that every dime received is accounted for. We will guarantee that all available data points are picked up so that sales are reported accurately and transparently.

We will maintain new entries to your database, associating them with the appropriate contracts so that as income is generated, it flows to the proper recipient.

Sales Data Ingestion


Statement Creation & Validation

We will create statements in a timely manner for all clients. All statements will conform with our best practices to guarantee accurate and transparent accounting. You will have final approval before distribution.


Balance Management

We can prepare your royalty payment processes. We can create payable balance summaries, create self-bill invoices and mark balances as paid.

Case study

Analysis & Report Generation

We can query your data to provide answers to interesting questions such as what are your highest earning artists or songwriters or catalogue items, which are your highest earning territories or sources.


CWR Registration

We can create CWR registrations and send them to your collection societies or sub-publishers..We will ingest ACK files from your collection societies to ensure your Works have been registered and redeliver any rejected Works.

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Neighbouring Rights Registration

We can register your recordings with your collection societies to assure timely and complete collections of your neighbouring rights royalties.

Royalty Services
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Transferring to a new royalty accounting program is not for the faint of heart! Curve has made the transition as easy as it could be. Royalty accounting is a special kind of accounting that takes precision and understanding of the nuances of publishing and label agreements. Curve Services, and Sidd specifically, have made the matching of works and processing of statements easy, painless, and accurate. Speaking from experience with two other accounting programs where we had both outsourced services and integrated services, I can confidently say that the services offered by Curve are top tier. My company has some complicated royalty splits and Sidd is always able to help figure out the most difficult ones! He has a solution for everything.  My writers and artists love the portal and transparency of the accounting. If you’re looking to switch software or need some help with the actual accounting, I can’t recommend Curve enough!

Danielle Mignogna, Chief Partnerships Officer, 411 Music Group

We’ve been very happy working with Curve and find the platform intuitive and comprehensive. There are times, however, when certain DSP data or client statement comparisons can be very complicated, and it’s always good to know we have access to Curve Services, which provides us the expert advice needed to handle issues in a timely fashion. Working on an as-needed basis, Sidd and his team provide a high level of service which we always know we can rely on.

Jim Drew, Founder/Owner, Soulspazm Inc.

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We offer one-off or ongoing services, whether you would like us to handle a specific task or your full royalty accounting processes, without the need to commit. There are no recurring fees—instead, we calculate your fees based on the hours of work we've done, which you will always have insight into. There are no preset limits, no retainers, and no minimum fees. We aim to keep it simple and transparent: you decide what tasks you need help with; we track the hours it takes to execute those tasks; you pay an hourly fee for the hours worked, in half-hour increments.