Fully Supported

Curve will fully support your team from setting up and on-boarding through to training & ongoing support. Our support team are based in London and LA, so will always be available in your time zone.

Our goal is to make YOU successful on the platform so you get the most from Curve.


Welcome to Curve

When you join Curve, we will work with you to set up your account and configure the Curve system for your needs. You will receive training as outlined in your package and be assigned a personal Client Manager.

Our goal is to make YOU successful on the platform.
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Client Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated client manager to assist with onboarding and provide ongoing support specific to your needs. We have client managers based in both the UK and US, so we will be available on your time zone.
Support Center
Curve Features

Curve is a complete royalties toolset.

Advances in profit share scenarios, rate escalations, mechanical liability deductions, black box revenue distribution, publishing & masters - Curve covers it all.
Publishing Royalties

From ingestion of sales data, through calculation on contract terms, to providing clear and readable statements, reports and analytics.

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Recording Royalties

Fully manage your contract terms.
Create beautiful and informative statements. Manage your mechanical reporting to publishers.

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Artist Dashboard

Curve enhances your service to artists & composers. Using the artist dashboard grant your artists access to retrieve their statements, data & analytics.

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Highly Flexible

The contract database can be configured to match your needs. You decide which channels, formats, price tiers, territories etc. to target & make available.

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Our team has a collective 50 years of experience in royalties. Our goal is to make YOU successful on the platform. Support training & documentation.

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Technology & Security

Access to Curve is managed by the client, with user privileges assigned for different users – with View, Edit or Restricted access for each of the main areas.

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