A New Royalty System, Made for Today's Music Industry

Built specifically to deal with the scale and demands of your business - Curve is the Thoroughbred of Royalty Processing

Cloud Based

Using the best in today's cloud technology, the system scales with your needs. No need to install expensive servers and databases

Artist Friendly

We have redesigned the artist statement from the ground up, providing transparent and easy to read statements and analytics


Our sales ingestion and royalty calculation processes are optimised for dealing hundreds of millions of lines of data

Highly Flexible

Our highly flexible contract database fits your business - from profit shares to intricate royalty deals, we cover them all

Royalties Have Never Been So Simple

We understand the issues in royalty accounting today. We built Curve to be able to manage the huge scales of data being reported in today's music business, and simplify the processes that are required to manage them.

From ingestion of sales data, through calculation on contract terms, to providing clear and readable Statements, Reports and Analytics - Curve has you covered.

  • Ingest Any Data
  • Manage Complex Contract Terms
  • Get In-depth Analysis
  • Deliver Beautiful Statements
  • Report Anything - Physical, Digital, Neighbouring Rights, Merch

Give Your Artists Access to the Data They Need

With our market leading artist dashboard, you're no longer stuck providing a 100 page PDF to your artists. With Curve you can grant your artists' access to the system, so they can access their data and analytics themselves.

Easy to Use Interface

In building Curve, we focussed on what really mattered in royalty accounting, and removed the clutter. The user interface is simple enough for anyone to pick up and start using, whilst allowing even the most complicated of situations to be managed.

Easy plans. No Setup Costs.

£250 /Month


  • 1,000 Tracks/Releases
  • 100 Contracts
  • Full Artist Access
  • Standard Statement Design
  • Quarterly/Half Yearly Reporting

£500 /Month


  • 5,000 Tracks/Releases
  • 250 Contracts
  • Full Artist Access
  • Standard Statement Design
  • Quarterly/Half Yearly Reporting

£1,000 /Month


  • 15,000 Tracks/Releases
  • 1000 Contracts
  • Full Artist Access
  • Custom Statement Design
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly Reporting

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